Tomasz Szalas

CEO, Glopack

During his speech, he will share with other participants of the Smart Growth Forum, his knowledge and experience in managing a company using modern technologies that are based on innovative production methods, min. those related to the reduction of plastic and the use of recycled materials. Glopack is the recipient of many awards it receives for its achievements in the field of innovation and its usefulness to companies using Glopack inventions. Over the years it has established its position through patents it has received , and is constantly conducting research and development work related to the use of technologies it has created . Glopack CEO Tomasz Szalas is committed to innovative projects with a focus on ecology and respect for the environment. It is also important that at Glopack great attention is paid to the quality of production . For this purpose, the best machinery is used , and the work is carried out by qualified employees. During his speech at the National Science and Technology Congress of the Intelligent Development Forum, Tomasz Szalas will present the latest and most interesting technological advances in the field of ecological packaging production.