Prof. Piotr Moncarz

Founder and vice chairman and chief technology officer of XGS Energy, Inc.

From the Technical School of Surveying and Road Engineering in Poznań through educational peregrinations to a PhD in earthquake engineering at Stanford University.
For more than 40 years he has been associated with Exponent, Inc. with roots at Stanford University, today a world leader in the study of disasters with scientific or technical origins and their prevention. Founder and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of XGS Energy, Inc. bringing to market a revolutionary solution for extracting thermal energy from the deep rock layers of the Earth's crust.
Co-founder and chairman of the US-Polish Trade Council, an organisation building bridges between the scientific and technological creative elites of Poland and the United States.
Co-founder of the Top 500 Innovators programme. Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, member of the US National Academy of Engineering.