Prof. Piotr Fiedor

Expert, Academic teacher in a research and teaching position at the Medical University of Warsaw

Academic teacher in a research and teaching position at the Medical University of Warsaw. Long-standing Expert implementing projects in international programmes of the European Commission, involved in clinical activities including Rare Diseases and Personalized Medicine and development of implementation strategy in EU member states.

Many years of experience in the area of research, development and innovation in relation to the National Intelligent Specialisations, which has enabled the successful implementation of projects primarily for KIS 1, 4 and 10.Foreign internships in the USA enabled, for the first time in Poland, the successful clinical implementation of auto and allo-transplantation of isolated pancreatic islets for patients with type I diabetes, as well as the implementation of innovative therapies in transplantation oncology.

Experience in the management of public research units and groups in the field of development and innovation has been used in European structures to work as an Expert at the European Medicines Agency and to conduct clinical trials including for ATMP HE Phase I medicinal products.

Her professional work has been honoured with numerous awards from the JM Rector of WUM and decorations including: Golden Cross of Merit, Silver Cross of Merit awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland, Medal of the Commission of National Education, Medal for Merit for the Pelplin Diocese awarded by Bishop J. B. Szlaga.

Research work results in scientific publications (>200) of international range and impact IF, patents, books and chapters and international invited presentations, which concern developmental research and original innovative solutions including published results of clinical trials.