Prof. dr. hab. med. Piotr Wałęga

III Department of General Surgery, Jagiellonian University, Collegium Medicum

Minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery of anal sphincters, replacement sphincters and use of new behavioral and surgical techniques for recovery of control of lost physiological functions. Author, manager and executor of many projects in this field. The result is the introduction in Poland of the technique of replacement sphincters and restoration of sphincters using the patient's own muscles (graciloplasty). Leading completed projects: Prospective, controlled clinical, electrophysiological, manometric and psychosomatic trials on the use of a modern method of surgical treatment of disorders of anal sphincter complex mechanisms using a hydraulic prosthesis. MNiE. Electrophysiological, manometric and histochemical assessment. MNiE. Minimally invasive endoluminal technologies assisted by the intraoperative identification of innervation in the treatment of rectal tumors. Prospective clinical, electrophysiological and functional trials MNiE.