Prof. Paweł Ocłoń

F.H.U. Chłodniczy urządzenia Marek Czamara F.H.U. CZAMARA S.C.

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Krakow University of Technology in 2008. Prof. Ocłoń has received prestigious awards for his recent scientific achievements, including the First Degree Award of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for Scientific Achievement (2017. Award for the best scientist with a postdoctoral degree from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (2019).

Prof Ocłoń is also a contractor in 20 projects and research works conducted by the Department of Power Engineering and the leader of three of them. He is deputy project manager in the HySOL project (funded by NCBiR), and is also responsible for numerical calculations of heat transfer in the ground in the SOPSAR project (funded by NCBiR). These projects have allowed him to gain experience in the field of intelligent PVT systems and solar thermal systems working with heat pumps. He works with industrial partners such as heat pump manufacturers Oilon (Finland), renewable energy installers Czamara (Poland) as well as large energy companies such as PGE (Poland's main electricity distributor), He cooperates with the following recognised universities: Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic), University of Queensland (Australia), La Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), University of Calgary (Canada).

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