Prof. dr hab. Gerhard Banse

Berliner Zentrum Technik & Kultur

Banse, Gerhard, Professor Dr. sc. phil. Professor e.h.

Born in 1946 in Berlin, Germany; up to July 2011 senior scientist at Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (former Research Centre Karlsruhe); studied chemistry, biology, and pedagogic at High School of Pedagogic Potsdam, Germany, and philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany; 1969 diploma; 1974 dissertation and 1981 habilitation on philosophical problems of technology; 1974 – 1990 scientist and senior scientist at institute of philosophy of Academy of Sciences of GDR in the field of philosophy and history of technology; 1988 professor for philosophy; 1993 – 1999 senior scientist at department of philosophy of technology at Technical University Cottbus, Germany (in the field of philosophy of technology and general technology, lectures in the domains history and philosophy of technology, general risk research, technological change, theory of technical sciences and technology assessment, especially information and communication technologies, information technology security), at European Academy Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany, in the field of technology assessment in Middle and Eastern European Countries, and as senior scientist at institute for philosophy at University Potsdam; from May 2004 to February 2007 delegated as senior scientist at Fraunhofer application centre of logistic system planning and information systems (FhG-ALI), Cottbus. Senior scientist at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (since 2011) and at EA European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (since 2015). Guest professor at faculty of humanities at Matej Bel-University Banská Bystrica (Slovak Republic), professor of general technology at Technical University of Brandenburg Cottbus, lecturer at Potsdam University, Bochum University at Applied Sciences (Germany), Silesian University Katowice (Poland) and Technical University Rzeszów (Poland). Member (since 2000), vice president (2009 – 2012) and (since 2012) president of Leibniz-Sozietät of Sciences and Humanities Berlin (Germany); 2012 professor e.h. at Silesian University Katowice; co-editor of book series “e-Culture / Network Cultural Diversity and New Media” (Berlin, Germany) and “Karlsruher Beiträge Technik und Kultur” (Karlsruhe, Germany); member of the scientific boards of the journals “Problems of Ecology” (Katowice, Poland), “Theory of Sciences. Journal for Theory of Sciences, Technology and Communication” (Praha, Czech Republic), “LIFIS ONLINE” (Berlin, Germany) and “Wissenschaftliche Hefte der Technischen Hochschule Rzeszów. Verwaltung und Marketing” (Rzeszów, Poland).

Postal address: Berlin Centre Technology & Culture, Theodorstraße 13, 12623 Berlin, Germany; gerhard.banse@t-online.de

Main research topics: philosophy of technology (theory of technology, interdisciplinary risk research), general technology and Technology Assessment (esp. in the field of ICTs), initiation/consolidation of cooperation with Eastern European countries in the fields Philosophy of Technology, Technology Assessment, Sustainable Development and Information Society.

(Co-)Author or (co-)editor of more than 400 publications in books and journals.

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