Prof. Dr. Artur Podhorodecki

CEO, QNA Technology

Graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology with a specialisation in Solid State Physics. In 2007 he completed his doctoral studies with honours. For his dissertation, he received the Prime Minister's Award for the best doctoral thesis in the field of Materials Engineering. He was awarded the title of prosfessor of physical sciences in 2020. He has co-authored 130 publications and 8 patents/patent applications. He has received numerous awards and fellowships for his research work. Expert in optical spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures and synthesis and functionalisation of inorganic nanomaterials. CEO and founder of QNA Technology S.A., which deals with the synthesis and modification of semiconducting nanomaterials - so-called quantum dots - and the development of inks based on such nanomaterials for the display, LED lighting, photonics and printed optoelectronics markets.