Ph.D. Małgorzata Dobrowolska prof. Pol. Śl.

Professor of the Silesian University of Technology

Business psychologist, professor at the Silesian University of Technology, president of the Silesian University of Technology spin-off company Pro-Lab and the Pro-Inwest Center for Education and Psychological Assistance. She advises organizations and their leaders in the process of introducing innovations and adapting to a changing world, paying particular attention to the human aspect of technological changes. She holds a doctorate and habilitation in the field of technological and social progress, as well as an MBA. Her main scientific and implementation interests are related to the human factor in the transformations of the future - digital and energy transformation. Currently, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Węglokoks Energia sp. z o.o.

She is a psychotherapist, psychological training and workshop trainer, supervisor of trainers and the author of 19 books (monographs and edited books) and over 150 articles. She has over 50,000 hours spent as a trainer and speaker.

She is the director of the Business School of the Silesian University of Technology and the head of MBA studies at the Silesian University of Technology. She is also the creator and coordinator of the TalentHUB initiative, which she runs together with the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

She is also a member of the scientific council and an associate of the Technical University of Kosice, where he deals with the diagnosis of human potential in the aerospace industry. He also cooperates with Nyenrode Business University, organizing thematic workshops on modern business for C-level managers.

As a member of the Committee for Economic Development of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gliwice, Małgorzata Dobrowolska plays an important role in shaping the economic policy of the region. She chairs the International Advisory Team for Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, and manages the Team for Innovation, Entrepreneurship Development, Graduate Employability and Career Support. She managed the implementation of over 30 aid projects related to socio-professional integration, co-financed by the European Social Fund.

She is also the co-author of 10 national patent applications and 5 European patent applications focused on 4.0 technologies, including devices supporting psychological research and improving safety in the workplace.

Its unique activities have been awarded many times for its contribution to the development of knowledge and practices in the areas of psychology, technology and human resources management, taking into account sustainable development.