Monika Pintal-Ślimak, M.A.

President of the Board, National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians

She has worked as a laboratory diagnostician for 22 years. She has gone through all levels of professional development - from assistant to MLD manager. She has worked in the public and non-public health sector, including in a coviod laboratory. She knows the work of diagnosticians inside out and identifies with the problems of laboratory workers.

For years she has been active in the professional self-government of laboratory diagnosticians, and has also supported trade unions in their activities.

She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy with a Department of Medical Analytics at the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice. At the Medical University of Lodz, she completed her doctoral studies and is finishing her PhD, the topic of which is quality indicators in medical diagnostic laboratories. She completed her MBA in health care at the University of Vocational Training in Wroclaw.

She is a Quality Management Systems Auditor and a training specialist for health care managers and diagnosticians.

She has devoted all her work to raising the profile of the laboratory diagnostic profession, a priority of this term of the National Council of Laboratory Diagnosticians. As President of the KRDL, she focuses on unity and cooperation.