Monika Orzechowska

Executive Director OPTA

Co-creator of the success of OPTA, who, thanks to her energy, knowledge and experience, participates in all stages of creating frames. He manages the company boldly, paying attention to the atmosphere and good relations with employees.

In 2012, OPTA transformed from a distributor of eyeglass frames into a manufacturer. The experience gained during cooperation with optical salons in Poland allowed us to understand the needs and expectations of customers.

The first brand created by the company was MASSI EYEWEAR, and the trust gained on the market enabled the expansion of the offer with a series of Premium products – SCARLET OAK.

Cooperation with designers has strengthened OPTA's position as an innovation leader in the optical industry. Thanks to this, it was possible to expand the offer of the MASSI EYEWEAR brand to eight collections, and SCARLET OAK became a recognizable premium brand on the market.

Subsequent projects in cooperation with the Polish designer Bartosz Pilawski and the Szajna company allowed us to create a unique collection of frames.

Knowledge, experience and an extensive network of business contacts also enable us to help other companies create their own eyewear brands through the Eye Design project – support from the initial idea, through design, to production and introducing the product to the market.

OPTA plays an important role in improving image quality in the world around us, because as much as 80% of information reaches the brain through the sense of sight.