Monika Flisek, M.Sc.

Director, All-Poland Chamber of the Leather Industry

One of the most experienced engineers in Poland specialising in the design, construction and operation of hydropower plants, owner of several SHPP facilities.

Associated with the All-Poland Chamber of Leather Industry since 2017. Director of OIBS and Plenipotentiary of the All-Poland Chamber of Leather Industry for development. Co-organiser of the Poznań International Fair.

Tasks carried out:

- Cooperation with Leather Entrepreneurs from all over Poland,
- Knowledge of the leather industry market,
- Coordinator of the International CORNET Project (LeatherProBio) since 2020,
- Participation and organisation of expert activities,
- Conducting training activities for companies,
- Organisation of foreign training lectures for companies
- Cooperation with Ministries, Embassies, with Scientific Institutes and Universities,
- Building and maintaining good relations with clients,
- Acquisition of new clients and orders,
- Presentation and promotion of OIBS on the national and international market,
- Coordinator of the International CORNET Project ( ReProcessShoe) since 2023.

Co-owner in Environmental Protection Company. /TERRA-BIS Environmental Protection, www.terra-bis.pl/,

Proficiency in Environmental Law,

Development of waste treatment, recovery and disposal applications/BDO/ KOBIZE,

Vice-Chairman of the Business Council at Lodz University of Technology.