Michał Wonchała

President of the Management Board, TwinIO Energy sp. z o. o.

President of TwinIO Energy - a company that creates IT solutions for broadly understood problems of energy management and trade. He decided to use his many years of experience in the IT industry and the startup environment in the dynamically developing area of ​​energy management and electromobility.
Together with his partners, an ambitious team and in cooperation with scientific institutions, Michał on a daily basis navigates the company towards solving important problems of entrepreneurs, supporting the making of often difficult decisions with the tools he has built.
The company's innovative projects include:
"Development of an integrated tool based on mathematical programming and machine learning methods enabling enterprises to optimize the purchase process, use of own production and storage of electricity, taking as an optimization criterion the minimization of energy costs" created in a consortium with the Institute of Mineral Raw Materials and Energy Management of the Polish Academy of Sciences from Krakow and co-financed by National Center for Research and Development.
"An IT tool supporting the decision-making process of implementing a project of integrating renewable energy sources with underground gas storage in salt caverns" implemented for and co-financed by PGNiG - Orlen group and co-financed by NCBiR and developed in cooperation with the Institute of Mineral Resources Management and Energy of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Krakow University of Technology.
Thanks to experience in the international startup environment with product implementations in 22 countries and cooperation with scientific communities, the company's products and services guarantee high quality and an innovative approach to known problems.