Michał Kubecki, M.Sc.

President of the Management Board, RES Institute Sp. z o. o.

One of the most experienced engineers in Poland specialising in the design, construction and operation of hydropower plants, owner of several SHPP facilities.

For many years he has been involved with the Association for the Development of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (TRMEW) (President of the Board from 2015 to 2018), where he supports the popularisation of small hydropower with his knowledge, experience and commitment. Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly "Energetyka Wodna", the only magazine on the Polish market comprehensively covering the topics of energy and water management, inland navigation, energy recovery on artificial watercourses and water systems, environmental protection and renewable energy sources. Author of numerous articles on renewable energy sources, lecturer at universities and a speaker at the most important industry events in the country, he conducts trainings and workshops on, among others, practical aspects of RES investments, research on potential and financing of RES investments in Poland, energy efficiency in companies, new technologies and good practices in the hydropower industry.