Marek Magryś

Deputy Director, ACK Cyfronet AGH for High Performance Computing, Head, National HPC Competence Centre (EuroCC Poland)

Deputy Director of ACK Cyfronet AGH for High Performance Computing, Head of the National HPC Competence Centre (EuroCC Poland), specialist in design, implementation, testing and exploitation of data storage systems for HPC (High Performance Computing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications, as well as optimisation of computing applications with respect to effective use of storage resources. Chief architect of the fastest Polish supercomputers of recent years, Prometheus and Athena. Infrastructure coordinator of the National Supercomputing Infrastructure for EuroHPC - EuroHPC PL project. The project is building the next generation of supercomputers and developing tools for efficient access to quantum and neuromorphic accelerators. The uniqueness of the infrastructure and the scale of its capabilities will ensure a significant acceleration of the research and development process and thus increase the competitiveness and innovation of Polish science and economy.