Marcin Prokop

Journalist, TV presenter, columnist, writer, columnist and TV personality.

Journalist, winner of the Wiktor award in the Media Personality category. He has a very large professional practice, gained both in the capacity of a manager (he was, inter alia, editor-in-chief of "Machina", "Film" and "Przekrój"), writing (a press journalist in many titles), acting in radio and hosting numerous television programmes of a very different nature.

He is also the author of several bestselling books with a total circulation of over 400,000 copies. (including 'God, money and rock'n'roll' and 'His Highness Longin'). A major event was also the publication in 2022 of the only authorised biography of Jan Borysewicz, 'The Lesser Stranger', which remained at the top of EMPIK bestsellers for several weeks.

Marcin is one of the most respected and sought-after Polish entertainers, having
several hundred conducted events for the largest international companies, including industry conferences and congresses, elegant galas, thematic festivals, mass concerts and many others.

Winner in the ranking of the best entertainers in Poland according to the Press monthly, no. 9-10/2017.

Privately, Marcin is passionate about new technologies - artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0 and other issues shaping our lives in the near future. He is able to talk about these issues in a competent and engaging way, placing professional knowledge in the context of issues close to everyone - work, entertainment, self-development, ongoing social changes.

Among other things, he is the co-creator of documentaries on this subject, made for TVN - e.g. Man of the Future, in which his interlocutors are some of the most eminent scientists in the world, professors of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cloning. Sposób na nieśmiertelność (Cloning: The Way to Immortality), filmed in South Korea and showing the possibilities of modern medicine and genetics.