Marcin Prokop


Journalist, winner of the Wiktor award in the Media Personality category. He has a very large professional practice, gained both as an executive (he was, among other things, editor-in-chief of "Machina", "Film" and "Przekrój"), writing (press journalist in many titles), acting in radio, and hosting numerous television programs of a very different nature.

He is also the author of several best-selling books, with a total circulation of more than 250,000 copies. (including "God, Cash and Rock'n'Roll" and "His Highness Longin"). In the course of acquiring various professional competencies, he also happened to make hobby appearances in films
and TV series, including "M jak miłość" and dubbing animated characters such as in "Niko the Reindeer Saves Christmas."

Marcin is one of the most respected and sought-after Polish entertainers, having
to his credit several hundred conducted events for major international companies, including industry conferences and congresses, elegant galas, thematic festivals, massive concerts
and many others.

Winner in the ranking of the best entertainers in Poland according to Press monthly, No. 9-10/2017.

The sum of his diverse and numerous experiences translates into speeches and lectures full of anecdotes, fascinating for the listener, which can take different forms and character,
depending on the client's expectations.

Privately, Marcin is passionate about new technologies - artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0 and other issues shaping our lives in the near future. He is able to talk about it competently and engagingly, placing professional knowledge in the context of issues close to everyone - work, entertainment, self-development, ongoing social changes.