Malwina Mularczyk, M.Sc.

Vice President, International Institute of Translational Medicine

CEO of the International Institute of Translational Medicine, specialising in industrial biotechnology, mainly in the use of bioactive ingredients for feed additives. She has collaborated with the Wrocław Technology Park, where she was part of an international scientific consortium for the commercialisation of biomarkers (BIC, Interreg Baltic Sea), the University of Almeria, Spain and the Morris Animal Foundation USa. At the International Institute of Translational Medicine, she manages projects responsible for the development of liposomal/micellar forms of active substances for the development of feed additives. He is responsible for active scientific and business cooperation with centres in the USA, Germany and Switzerland.  She specialises in industrial biotechnology, with a particular focus on the development of innovative equine feed additives based mainly on probiotic bacterial metabolites, as well as the extraction and purification of carotenoids with enhanced antioxidant activity from yeast cells. She has developed the formulation and production technology for a range of probiotic and nutritional products for horses and companion animals. She expanded her knowledge of business operations through the national training courses of the PARP Innovation Manager Academy and the US National Science Foundation's Icrops programme.