Małgorzata Szumska

President of the Goldmine, owner of Zlatý Jaro and Stara Kruszarnia, writer, traveller

President of the Gold Mine, owner of the Golden Ravine and the Old Crushing Plant, writer, traveller. She and her family have been creating one of the largest and most awarded private tourist attractions in the country for 25 years. From an empty hole in the ground, the Gold Mine has grown over 25 years to become the largest employer in the region and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. It is a heavily female-owned company - 85% of employees and 90% of managerial positions are occupied by women. A business run with a strong responsibility to its cultural heritage, but also to ethics in tourism and responsibility to its community. It is an inspiring family business that was born out of a passion for the underworld, the courage to pursue a dream and a slight madness for business.