Konrad Nowakowski

President, Polish Chamber of Packaging Recovery and Recycling

Consultant and trainer in the field of environmental protection, with experience in direct cooperation with companies and local governments, including, among others, environmental services and outsourcing (comprehensive service of companies in the field of environmental protection). He has extensive experience in the practical application and interpretation of environmental legislation, especially waste laws including product laws. Member of competition committees including Teraz Polska. Member of the Council for Sustainable Food Use and working groups on sustainable production and consumption, waste, CSR and Closed Circuit Economy at the Ministry of Development. He has experience in the areas of LCA life cycle assessments, environmental footprint and carbon footprint. She specializes in recycling technologies, packaging system design and "green" packaging assessments. He works with industry related to the marketing of packaged products as well as the practical organization of the packaging waste collection and recovery system. For many years, he has been the Chief Specialist for Packaging Ecology at the COBRO Packaging Research Institute and President of the Polish Chamber of Packaging Recovery and Recycling on a daily basis carrying out tasks related to the extended responsibility of companies for the packaging of products placed on the market.