Katarzyna Barcińska

Manager, Family Business Institute

Expert of the Family Business Institute in the areas of brand management, strategic marketing, business development and change management. It supports family businesses in the succession process, helping to continue the tradition of entrepreneurship combined with the vision for the business of the next generation.

Certified Succession Advisor according to the Succession Diamond methodology© by Adrianna Lewandowska.

An effective manager with extensive experience in marketing management, brand building, projects and teams, and effectively leading the organization through the change process. He believes in integrated marketing focused on delivering value to customers. He has experience in coordinating marketing and sales, customer service, building business relationships, building effective communication and creating branding strategies also for family businesses.

Co-creator of tools in the area of ​​communication and HR supporting succession for family businesses developed as part of the project "Codes of values ​​- effective succession in Polish family businesses" implemented from the EU fund in 2011-2013.

Areas of specialization:

Brand management (research, brand audits, defining brand distinguishing features, brand communication within the organization and to the external environment, storytelling in brand building, personal branding of family members and company branding);
Strategic marketing (customer analyses, defining target groups, building communication strategies, defining marketing indicators);
Business development (building innovative business models, defining new services and MVPs, introducing products and services to the market);
Change management (defining stakeholder needs, defining the strengths of the team and the company, planning activities, planning communication, engaging the team in the change process, change management, defining key success measures).