Kamila Gębik

CEO, kammedia.pl, CCO, go2nft.pl

Kamila Gębik - CEO of KAMMEDIA.PL, CCO GO2NFT, organiser of the conference "Future of e-commerce", author of books: "BEAUTIFUL E-COMMERCE. How to sell fashion and beauty on the Internet?" (www.pieknyecommerce.pl) and "THE FUTURE OF E-COMMERCE for fashion and beauty" (www.przyszloscecommerce.pl), which she published as a self-publisher. The second book is the first publication in the world also published using NFT technology. She trains, participates in meetings: live, webinars and e-commerce podcasts. She is also a speaker: "Lunch with e-commerce" and "Mobile trends". I have been nominated for the title: "E-commerce Woman 2023" in the best start-up of the year category and "E-commerce Woman 2022" in the innovation category, and became the "personality of the month" of wartoznac.pl. During the summer season, she organises a series of events: "E-commerce on the water". She creates expert articles for magazines such as: "Forbes Poland", "ICAN Management Review", "E-commerce & digital marketing". In his actions, he always goes against the grain and trusts his intuition. She effectively combines marketing, sales, PR, copywriting and e-commerce. She loves newtorking and connects people from the industry with each other on a daily basis, advises on techniques to increase sales for e-commerce. Privately a lover of minerals, yoga, mountains and art.


She has been written about by media such as: Forbes Polska, Grupa Wirtualna Polska, Money.pl, WhitePress®, FashionBiznes, NowyMarketing, Marketer+, As Sprzedaży, ICAN Institute, My Company Polska, Media Marketing Polska, E-commerce in practice, E-commerce & digital marketing, Avanti, Akademickie Radio Luz, lubimyczytac. pl, sukcespisanyszminka.pl, digitalx.pl, ecomersy.pl, Ican Managment Review Polska, harbingers.pl, mobiletrends.pl, commercetrends.pl, szef-sprzedazy.pl, Rzeczpospolita.