Joanna Rułkowska

Editor-in-Chief, Mom's Law Portal

Expert on the topic of unregistered business, passionate about women's rights and editor-in-chief of the Mom's Law portal. Trained as a lawyer, specialist in personal data processing (RODO) and specialist in accounting for small businesses.

Winner of the E-commerce Woman 2023 contest in the Entrepreneurial Mom category. Author of the book Business Mom and an online course: the Academy of Small Business to support small entrepreneurs. Her business mission is to help women build professional and legitimate runways from non-registered business to dream business, so they can lead a life on their terms. Privately, a stay-at-home mom of four sons aged 2-8, showing that motherhood does not derail professional development. A leader and a woman who relies on innovative actions to show other moms the opportunities for growth using the world of e-commerce and technology and artificial intelligence to achieve financial independence, overcome poverty and fulfill their professional potential without compromising family relationships.