Jacek Rydzewski

Business owner, CODI Technical Group

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology. In 1981-1984 he worked as an oscilloscope designer at UNIMA Electronic Devices Plant in Sluzewiec, and in 1985 he founded the mentioned company, which continues until today. Throughout this time, until now, successive generations of video intercom systems integrated with access control and GSM connectivity have been developed and implemented in several thousand facilities. J. Rydzewski holds a total of a dozen patents in the field of electronics and one in the field of environmental protection. In recent years, the company has won 7 competitions under EU grants obtaining funds for development. This has made it possible to implement the latest designs and systems, including a system with voice control for the visually impaired, contactless operation via smartphone, or GSM connectivity on the intercom-tenant cell phone line.