Grzegorz Ciosek

Founder, Runvido

An entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience in business - Grzegorz Ciosek - joins the group of speakers at the Smart Growth Forum!

He started his career in the advertising agency wielkareklama.eu and then entered the field of AR technology with great commitment, founding the company Runvido.

Runvido is an innovative platform and application that allows you to bring 2D materials such as flyers or packaging to life by adding dynamic video content. All you have to do is hover the camera of a smartphone running the Runvido app over an object and the associated video appears on the screen.

With his background in technology and marketing, Grzegorz Ciosek stands out in the industry for his energy and professionalism. His years of experience and passion for innovation make him an informed speaker.

Come along to the Smart Growth Forum, where Grzegorz will share his knowledge and experience with the participants!

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