Dr. Stanisław Iwan

Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport, Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin

Professor at the Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin, Dean of the Faculty of Transport Engineering and Economics. He holds a postdoctoral degree in management sciences, specialising in research covering the operation of logistics systems, with particular emphasis on urban logistics and applications of intelligent decision-making systems, telematics and intelligent transport systems. He has more than 10 years of experience in research in the area of urban freight transport. Head of numerous research teams in international projects related to the implementation of sustainable urban logistics (C-LIEGE, NOVELOG, GRASS, LCL, EUFAL, GRASS-NEXT). Author and co-author of more than 150 articles, monographs and chapters in monographs (in Polish and English), including articles and presentations given at recognised world conferences on sustainable transport and logistics and published in major scientific journals. Co-founder and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference "Green Cities - Green Logistics for Greener Cites". Member of national and international scientific associations and organisations.

Musician by avocation (plays several instruments). Author of songs, poems and small theatrical forms. Winner of awards at sea song festivals. Enjoys good music, literature, film and theatre. Enthusiast of Tolkien, Star Wars, RPG and board games.