Dr. Robert Barski

Research Specialist, Centro-Gum S.C.

Since 1990, he has been a teaching and research employee, first at the Higher School of Engineering, then at Zielona Góra University of Technology in Zielona Góra and currently an assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology of the Jakub z Paradyż Academy in Gorzów Wielkopolski. From 2006 to 2015, he was director of the Academic Business Incubator. Served as deputy and director of the Institute and head of the plant.
Graduate of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education program "TOP 500 Innovators" Graduate of the internship program implemented at Stanford University. Member of the expert team for supporting the development of the innovation management system in the Lubuskie region and the team implementing the agreement on the establishment of the Lubuskie Energy Technology Research and Implementation Park Eko-Energia.
He is the author and co-author of dozens of articles and books on mechanical engineering and operation, electromobility and entrepreneurship. Contractor of more than a dozen projects carried out within the framework of statutory work and within the framework of programs of NCBR, PARP, etc. Research interests: academic entrepreneurship, ecological aspects of the use of internal combustion engines, methods of measuring and reducing the toxicity of internal combustion engines. Conducts research in selected issues of vehicle vibroacoustics. Acoustic emission methods diagnostics of composite materials. Research in internal combustion engine emissions, electro- and hydrogen mobility and in the area of Smart City.
He is currently implementing 2 projects, including one international project "Education towards green Industry 4.0 - strengthening human resources potential - Edu4Ind4.0.
Erasmus+ competition - KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in the higher education sector" and "Development of an automated device for the diagnosis/identification of the technical condition of steel cords of truck tires using a hybrid method. Implemented under competition 1/1.1.1/2021 - Fast Track. Intelligent Development Operational Program. Project of the National Center for Research and Development. In addition, he is the co-author of a number of implementations, for example: an algorithm for estimating the range of an electric vehicle, which was developed under the project "We do IT with Energy"- implementation of industrial research and experimental development work to develop a dynamic and optimal system for geolocation of electric vehicle battery charging points in terms of the criterion of driving style of individual users