Dr Marta Natalia Wróblewska

Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies at the SWPS University of Warsaw

My research concerns the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity, and in particular the evaluation of the social impact of research (the impact of scientific work on the 'non-academic world', in Poland the so-called 'third criterion'). For the last ten years I have been researching social impact evaluation systems and their effects in the UK, Norway and Poland. As a linguist, I am particularly interested in the changes in academic discourse caused by the introduction of new evaluation criteria. I deal with these topics in both theoretical and applied aspects. As an "Impact Ninja", I have supported many universities in preparing for evaluation and adapting their strategies to the new requirements. I regularly publish on evaluation-related topics in scientific periodicals (e.g. Research Evaluation) and professional media (e.g. Research Professional News).

I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of English at SWPS University in Warsaw. I received my PhD in Applied Linguistics from Warwick University in 2019.