Dr inż. Małgorzata Karbarz

College of Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszow

He is an assistant professor at the Institute of Biology of the University of Rzeszów. He has been involved in genetic analysis of useful plants and medicinal mushrooms for 17 years. She participated in eight projects: Ministerial, NCN and NCBIR, PCI, including application projects with breeding and biotechnology companies (as a leader, manager, scientific supervisor, contractor). She took part in three international COST actions (Cooperation of Science and Technology), including one as the only representative of Poland. She completed a 4.5-month internship at the biotechnology company Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd. (Wales). Her recent interests focus on the use of DNA barcoding methods in agriculture and the food industry. The project implemented at the University of Rzeszów as part of the Podkarpackie Innovation Center titled "Method for identifying ingredients of dietary supplements based on DNA barcoding" was among the finalists of DeepTech Summit 2023 and received a silver medal at the International Fair of Inventions and Innovations INTARG 2023.