Dr inż. Maciej Gliniak, prof. URK

University of Agriculture in Krakow

Dr. Eng. Maciej Gliniak is a professor at the University of Agriculture in Krakow and the Head of the accredited Laboratory of Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Waste Analysis. Since 2017, he has been running a business called EnviroExpert Maciej Gliniak and several special purpose companies dealing with problems in various areas of the environment. He is a graduate of the University of Agriculture in Krakow and the AGH University of Science and Technology. In his scientific work, he focuses on interdisciplinary research and active cooperation with the socio-economic environment of the University. During his career, he managed several national grants and is the author of over 36 technology opinions and 20 implementations. For his scientific involvement, management skills and unconventional thinking, he was included in the Encyclopedia of Personalities of the Republic of Poland. His scientific interests mainly concern innovative technologies in the chemical industry, waste management and the creation of by-products as part of upcycling activities. In his scientific and business work, he focuses on the practical use of available basic knowledge in solving complex environmental problems.

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