Dr. Katharina Boguslawski, Prof. UMK

Prof. UMK, Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Katharina Boguslawski is a university professor, PhD at ETH Zurich, affiliated with the Institute of Physics at UMK in Torun since 2016, winner of NCN, NCBiR, MSCA-IF-EF and ERC StG grants.Her activities include the development of electron structure methods for ground and excited states at the interface of physics and chemistry, as well as programming and software engineering. The researcher's interdisciplinary profile, combining chemistry, physics, and mathematics with applied computer science, allows her to conduct fundamental research that has wide-ranging practical applications in economics and business, while also contributing to environmental protection. The starting point for application applications is a modern open-source scientific software called PyBEST (http://pybest.fizyka.umk.pl), of which the candidate is the main author. The current challenge is to adapt PyBEST to reliably model large organic molecules and their properties for use in organic electronics.