Dr Jolanta Groszyk

Institute for Plant Breeding and Acclimatisation - National Research Institute

Scientist who conducts research and development work at the Plant Breeding and Acclimatisation Institute - National Research Institute in Radzików (IHAR-PIB). Her professional career has been mainly associated with crop genetics, with her interests focused on cereal crops. The main area of her research is to learn about the function of genes that have a significant impact on the yield and tolerance of plants to unfavourable environmental factors. The current LIDER XII project, of which she is the Manager, focuses on the important problem of low yield of rye cultivated in Poland. As part of this project, she is looking for molecular markers that will accelerate the plant selection process and allow a significant increase in rye yield. Dr J. Groszyk is also actively involved in the professional development of future generations of scientists, acting as an assistant supervisor of doctoral theses. She is the author of numerous scientific publications and the winner of numerous grant competitions.