Dr. Bartosz Sobotka

Development Director, Syntea S.A., Sectoral Competency Reef

Author of the book "Competencies of tomorrow, or what the future will require of our children". Doctor of Economics (Warsaw School of Economics), graduate of international relations at Warsaw University and law at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. Development Director at Syntea SA, deals with the integration of the labor market with the education sector in Poland and CEE countries. Animator of the Sectoral Competence Council - Modern Business Services. Consultant of projects for the IT and education sectors in the context of implementing the smart city idea, building Society 4.0 and adapting the educational offer of universities to the needs of the labor market, primarily for the Business Service Sector. Author and co-author of dozens of publications in the field of development aid and its effectiveness, local development and education management.