Dr Artur Kasprzak

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Department of Organic Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology

Dr. Artur Kasprzak, Eng. is a researcher working at the Department of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). His main areas of interest are organic chemistry and materials chemistry. In particular, he is interested in developing environmentally friendly methods for conducting organic syntheses without the use of toxic solvents. He is the author of many new compounds and materials dedicated to environmental monitoring. His latest discovery is a magnetic material that can act as an effective cesium adsorbent, i.e., a material by which cesium can be removed from the environment. This material was developed as part of his "Materials Technologies" grant under the Research University Excellence Initiative program at PW. He is the author of more than 50 scientific publications with a total impact factor (IF) of more than 277 and a MEiN score of 6600, as well as 11 granted patents. He currently directs two research grants, including one under the NCN OPUS competition.