Dr. Anna Sobiepanek

Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology of Medicines and Cosmetics, Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology

Dr Anna Sobiepanek's area of scientific interest is the application of modern biophysical and biomolecular methods to characterise the changes occurring in skin cells as a result of physiological processes, as well as the progression of various disease entities including skin cancer. To this end, a better understanding of cell glycosylation as one of the most important post-translational processes occurring in cells is essential. Due to the structural diversity of glycans, numerous processes such as proliferation, migration and cell-cell contact are possible.

In 2020, Anna Sobiepanek was awarded second place in the doctoral thesis category in the area of 'Innovations implemented into the economy' in the competition for the best thesis, organised by the Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Dr Sobiepanek has experience in managing as many as five projects from various funding sources (e.g. NCN, IDUB, PW). She has also been awarded numerous grants including NCN, COST action, PW and is co-author of 18 scientific articles and 9 chapters in monographs.