Artur Buszmicz

Co-owner of the Polish branch of SWETCH

Master's degree in construction, graduate of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, co-owner of the Polish branch of the SWETCH construction office and, above all, designer of building structures. His interest in BIM technology as early as during his studies has allowed him to grow rapidly and gain professional experience. He has completed numerous construction projects from both the Polish and foreign markets. In addition to his professional success, privately he loves travelling, Italian cuisine and physical activities with an emphasis on road cycling.

Swetch West Pomerania is the Polish branch of the Swetch construction office - dealing with the broadly understood design of structures for buildings, technical consultancy, supporting contractors for the European market. The main philosophy of the studio is to work on the basis of BIM technology - i.e. building information modelling. Thanks to advanced software, we are able to include in a complete three-dimensional model all the information needed for the construction of the building, through inter-branch coordination to the execution drawings of the elements."