Aleksandra Ziemiańska-Stolarska, PhD.

Faculty of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection, Technical University of Lodz

Dr. Aleksandra Ziemiańska-Stolarska, assistant professor at the Faculty of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection, is currently working on 3 European projects in which she is responsible for tasks related to counting environmental loads for newly developed technologies and materials. The first is HIPERION, which aims to determine the environmental effects associated with the construction, operation, maintenance, and end-of-life waste management of a photovoltaic module (HCPV). Another is the Fibre4Yards project, which is concerned with determining the carbon footprint of small and medium-sized vessels made from a composite material of support fibers embedded in thermosetting resin. A project in which Dr. Aleksandra Ziemiańska-Stolarska serves as coordinator is the HECATE project, in which technologies and materials with the lowest carbon footprint will be selected on the basis of LCA analysis to produce a demonstrator - a hybrid-electric aircraft.