Adrian Pelc

Co-founder, Vice President, Typly sp. z o.o.

Co-founder and vice-president of Typly sp. z o.o.. Experienced director of project management, process implementation in organisations and business strategy implementation with over 10 years of experience in the technology sector.

As a strategic leader, he successfully managed numerous IT projects, using Waterfall as well as Agile methodologies, in renowned organisations, i.e. Orange or Conrad Electronic. For him, the ability to build and lead teams of diverse composition is the foundation of every project.

On 9 July 2021, together with his co-founder (Krzysztof Korycki - CEO of Typly), he is responsible for managing a technology startup called Typly. The company specialises in creating solutions based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology. The dynamic development of the company has resulted in a commercial product called Typly (intelligent keyboard, which generates answers based on a selected context) and the currently developed product Typly Mail, targeted at B2B markets.

Typly Mail will be presented during a 10-minute lecture, and aims to revolutionise the way public institutions and businesses manage their correspondence.

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