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The Smart Development Forum is a "unique congress of the future," a unique science and technology event dedicated to the dissemination of cutting-edge research and innovative innovative technologies that have a good chance of market success and improving the standard and safety of our lives now or in the coming years.

The congress serves to establish lasting relationships between visionary entrepreneurs, outstanding Polish scientists focused on cooperation with business, investors and local government officials creating attractive conditions for locating business in their regions.

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The forum is a brand that attracts industry leaders


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Learn about the latest trends in a booming market


Get access to program materials, presentations, panel discussions led by world-class industry experts


Hold up to dozens of business meetings in one place

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with you since 2016

Since the forum's inception, a leading theme has been the challenges of innovators in transferring knowledge from science to business and successfully bringing new or improved services and products to market.

Attention is focused not only on implementation projects, but also on basic research, without which innovations will not emerge - and it is precisely such projects that we particularly promote in order to increase the chances of using this research in future business practice.

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Smart Development Forum A unique congress of the future