Thematic scope 8th Smart Development Forum
Uniejów 2023

13:00 - 14:00

Welcome Business Lunch

14:00 - 14:20

Power Speech

14:30 - 16:00

Smart development for community health

Discussion devoted to the topics of research and development of medicinal products, advanced technologies and therapies, among others. Experts representing the field of medical science and medical industries will present innovative solutions affecting the health of society on various levels.

Presentation of innovative research and projects of the future. Speeches by representatives of the business and scientific community in the context of innovative solutions and activities in the area of new products and technologies, diagnosis and therapy of diseases and manufacturing of products, among others, medicinal, biological and cosmetic products.


Participants will include:


Arkadiusz Grądkowski, President of the Chamber, All-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Medical Devices POLMED
Dominika Grygier, Ph.D., Professor of the University, President of the Board, Orthoget Sp. z o.o.
Orthoget - bio-tech solutions for orthopedics
Robert Gromada, CEO, MediSensonic Sp. z o.o.
New possibilities for the application of microwave technology in medicine
Anna Białk-Wolf, CEO, Institute for Medical Tourism Research and Development
Monika Pintal-Slimak, M.D., President of the Board, National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians
Malwina Mularczyk, M.D., Vice President, International Institute of Translational Medicine
Use of microRNA as an active agent in the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome
Prof. Dr. Natalia Marek-Trzonkowska, Director of the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Sciences, University of Gdansk
The future of oncology - personalized therapy
Kazimierz Murzyn, CEO, LifeScience Cluster Foundation Krakow
Mariusz Budzisz, CEO, e-Trust sp. z o.o.
IT solutions in teaching hospitals - the future and the present
Dr. Marek Miłosz prof. PL, Department of Computer Science, Lublin University of Technology
Supporting education of type I diabetes patients - mobile application T1DCoach
Dagmara Slota, M.Sc., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Materials Science and Physics, Cracow University of Technology
Multifunctional composite biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration
Michal Dybowski, Director of Sustainable Development, Polish Federation of Hospitals
Dr hab. inż. Justyna Kucińska-Lipka, prof. Uczelni, Katedra Technologii Polimerów, Politechnika Gdańska
Polimery w służbie naszego zdrowia




Ewelina Pańczyk, President of the Board, Institute of Consciousness Foundation, Founder and Therapist, Institute of Consciousness

14:30 – 16:00

Development trends and innovations in the TSL industry

The TSL industry has had challenging years. Years associated with increasing globalization, that is, the worldwide flow of goods and services, which have led to an increase in demand for transport, forwarding and logistics services. During the forum, experts will present new technologies that fit into the ideas of sustainable development. The topic of urbanization of transport processes, or emerging legislation regulating the work of carriers are factors that will significantly affect logistics.

Presentation of innovative research, technological projects and unique solutions related to development trends and innovations in the TSL industry. Speeches by representatives of the business community, academia and representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions.


Participants will include:


Robert Barski, Ph.D, Research Specialist, Centro-Gum S.C.
Mobile device for a modern non-destructive method of tire cord condition diagnostics - presentation of a prototype
Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO, Meritus Systemy Informatyczne Sp. z o.o.

14:30 – 16:00

Technologies of the future - biotechnology and specialty chemistry

A debate on, among other issues, bioproducts and specialty chemical products, modern biotechnologies in environmental protection and the development of (bio)technological processes to produce innovative (bio)products. Is biotechnology a technology of the future? How do specialty chemistry solutions affect the development of other industries? Answers to these questions, but also to a number of others, will be provided to everyone by the experts invited to the debate.

Presentation of innovative research, technological projects and unique solutions. Speeches by representatives of the business community, scientific community and representatives of government institutions.


Participants will include:


Dr. Tomasz Zieliński, President of the Board, Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry
Piotr Kaminski, Vice President for Finance, Employers of the Republic of Poland
Prof. Tomasz Wasilewski, D.Sc., Member of the Board, Polish Commodity Association
Implementation of scientific research results into industrial practice on the example of the cosmetics and detergent industry
Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Physics, Cracow University of Technology

16:10 – 17:40

Security and energy transition - Poland's hydrogen strategy

Energy sources that are natural, environmentally safe and found locally in inexhaustible deposits are a critical element of our country's energy sovereignty. The debate on Poland's energy sovereignty related to its transformation that will ensure our security - will be one of the many inspiring discussions during the Forum.

Presentation of innovative research, technological projects and unique solutions in the area of energy security and the country's energy transition itself. Speeches by representatives of the business community, academia and representatives of government institutions and local governments.


Udział wezmą:


Aleksandra Kuzior, Ph.D., dhc., Prof. PŚ, Associate Dean for Cooperation and Development, Faculty of Organization and Management, Silesian University of Technology, President, Silesian Center for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development
Prof. Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Ph.D., Head, Thermoelectric Research Laboratory, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Materials Engineering and Ceramics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow
Thermoelectric converters for renewable energy sources RES

16:10 – 17:40

Global trends and challenges in the agri-food sector

Experts from the agri-food industry, innovators and scientists who are pursuing their research activities in the theme of the second National Smart Specialization will discuss, among other things, the serious crisis in the sector, the challenges posed by inflation and pandemic. Are our domestic agricultural and food products still internationally competitive? What mechanisms should the government put in place to help entrepreneurs in these uncertain times? These, but also inspiring process, technological and product innovations, as well as initiatives undertaken by Polish scientists and entrepreneurs, will be discussed by our guests at the 8th FIR in Uniejów.

Presentation of innovative research, technological projects, initiatives undertaken in the area of topics related to the intelligent development of the agri-food sector. Speeches by representatives of the scientific community and the agri-food industry.


Participants will include:


Alicja Kowalczyk, Ph.D., Wroclaw University of Life Sciences, Verus Association of Animal Breeders and Producers of the Agri-Food Sector
Dr. Andrzej Gantner, Vice President of the Board, General Director, Polish Federation of Food Manufacturers Employers' Association
Barbara Groele, Secretary General, National Union of Juice Producers
Prof. Maria Rembiałkowska, PhD, Department of Organic Food, Institute of Human Nutrition Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences.
Organic food as an innovation for the health of society
Dariusz Kulus, Ph.D. prof. PBŚ, Natalia Miler, PhD, Eng. Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Jan and Jędrzej Śniadecki University of Technology in Bydgoszcz
Biotechnology for beauty: from the laboratory to the market - innovations in production, protection and breeding of ornamental plants
Maciej Ptaszynski, President, Polish Chamber of Commerce

16:10 – 17:40

Energy-efficient and smart construction

A debate on the topic of the fifth National Smart Specialization (KIS), during which energy industry practitioners and experts will discuss: integrated energy systems in buildings, materials and technologies used in the construction industry, integrated design, among others. Are companies involved in construction in Poland in line with energy efficiency trends? What progress in this direction is determined by science? We will talk about these aspects and many others that will present a picture of intelligent construction at the Forum in Uniejów.

Presentation of innovative projects and unique solutions that fit into the trends of energy-efficient and intelligent construction. Speeches by representatives of the business community, scientific community and representatives of government institutions and local governments.


Participants will include:


Szymon Liszka, President of the Board, Foundation for Efficient Energy Use
Dr. Magdalena Wdowin, Prof. of the Institute, Deputy Director of the Institute for Scientific Affairs, Institute of Mineral Raw Materials and Energy Management - Polish Academy of Sciences
Center for Sustainable Management of Raw Materials and Energy - a smart investment for the implementation of Research and Development of the Institute of Mineral Raw Materials and Energy of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Paweł Siwiński, Development Director, Ultrapur Sp. z o.o
Polyurethane foam as effective insulation in energy-efficient houses

17:50 – 19:20

Closed-loop economy and its role in the development of innovation in Poland

Inspiring lectures and discussion about the new model of economy, which is GOZ, which is based on the assumption that the value of products, materials and resources is to be kept in the economy for as long as possible, in order to reduce the generation of waste to a minimum as a result.

Presentation of innovative projects and unique solutions that are part of the closed-loop economy trend. Speeches by representatives of the business community, academia and representatives of government institutions and local governments.


Participants will include:


Konrad Nowakowski, President of the Chamber, Polish Chamber of Packaging Recovery and Recycling
Dariusz Staszewski, President of the Board, R3 Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ecoaction of the Szczecin-based company R3 Polska - locally, but globally
Dr. hab. Marzena Smol, Prof. IGSMiE PAN, Head of the Laboratory of Biogenic Raw Materials, Institute of Mineral and Energy Economy of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Water in a closed loop economy - opportunities and challenges
Bartosz Podziewski, M.Sc., President of the Board of Directors, Specialist in the design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, Green Savings Scheme S.A.
Prof. Zbigniew Wojciech, Ph.D., Vice President, Association of Engineers and Technicians of Chemical Industry

17:50 – 19:20

Innovative processes and technologies in Polish industry

A debate related to one of the five areas of the National Smart Specializations. Topics devoted to extremely interesting issues related to the horizontal approach to innovative technologies and industrial processes. Process design and optimization, robotization, diagnostics and monitoring, control systems, machinery and automation equipment - in short, everything that affects more effective process management in companies. We will talk about this and many other activities within ITiPP at the 8th Smart Growth Forum.

Presentation of innovative research, technological projects and unique solutions related to Industry 4.0, among others. Speeches by representatives of the business community, academia and representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions.


Participants will include:


Prof. Piotr Szynkarczyk, Vice President of the Chamber, Polish Chamber of Commerce of Advanced Technologies IZTECH, Director, Łukasiewicz Research Network - Industrial Institute of Automation and Measurements PIAP
Natalia Puszczykowska, M.Sc., specialist, "Polymer" Research Laboratory, Lukasiewicz Research Network, Institute of Polymer Materials and Dyes
Biodegradable plastics in industry
Dr. Ewelina Depczyńska, R&D Director, Paged LabTech Sp. z o.o.
Daniel Beldzik, M.Sc., Manager, Research and Development, Unilin Flooring Polska Sp. z o.o.
Innovations in PVC carpets by Unilin Flooring Polska Sp. z o.o. (formerly Lentex Wykładziny Sp. z o.o.) - "Development of manufacturing technology for lacquered deep-moled PVC flooring in order to offer significantly improved products."
Marek Warzecha, Ph.D., Professor of MSc Prorector for Development, Częstochowa University of Technology
Science and business - adaptation of innovative solutions
Andrzej Sioma, Ph.D., professor of AGH, R&D Manager, C.M.C. Ltd., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, AGH University of Science and Technology
New imaging technologies and their application in quality control of pallet manufacturing
Dr Jacek Kolacz, CEO, Comex Polska Sp. z o.o
From idea to industry - history of Comex Group and its main products
Dr Adam Szatkowski, President, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support Foundation Nanonet, Initiator and Coordinator, Silesian NANO Cluster - National Key Cluster

19:30 – 19:50

Power Speech: Dreams change the world

A speech related to the history of Polish inventors and their achievements. It will be a story about how dreams combined with determination contributed to progress in the fields of medicine, technology, technology, IT, film and many other fields and the creation of the modern world.


Participating will be:


Marcin Fidler, Director of Electric Bus Manufacturing, ARP E-Vehicles Ltd.


Night of Networking

Music at the highest level, delicious catering, conversations about innovation and development in a relaxed tone, new acquaintances, the charming atmosphere of the place - this is how the evening of the first day of the 8th Smart Development Forum promises to be. This is the time to relax in Uniejów. Participants of the FIR, await after the substantive part of the event an evening with a glass of wine, in a relaxed atmosphere of discussion with innovators.


Young Science Leaders the Future of the Economy

A professional conference consisting of a debate and individual presentations, dedicated to the presentation of the most promising implementation projects carried out by outstanding scientists of the younger generation. Their work creates a strong foundation for strengthening the competitiveness of Polish science and the new generation of Polish scientists on a European and global scale.

We will present those who are the most courageous, who believe in their ideas and skills, and who are open to promotional activities that emphasize the importance of the benefits of their projects for our socio-economic life in the future.

As part of the presentation in front of the business community, investors and local governments, scientists will present visions of valuable projects with both scientific and implementation potential.


Participants will include:


Artur Kasprzak, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Department of Organic Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw
How a nanomagnet and a curved organic compound can help remove toxic cesium compounds from the environment, that is, a magnetic nanoadsorbent dedicated to the removal of cesium from aqueous solutions


Power Speech: Why doesn't the competence of the future exist?

A short story about how the world has accelerated and megatrends that were so far away from us in the past are now changing our reality. During the speech we will try to answer the questions of what the labor market will look like soon, whether there will be a place for us in it, and what we should do to find our way in it.


Participating will be:


Dr. Bartosz Sobotka, Development Director, Syntea S.A, Sector Competence Council for Modern Business Services


The role of intellectual property in building an innovative economy

Why is intellectual property, despite its intangible nature, of great value to a business? During the debate, experts will explain the essence of intellectual property and identify and define what it is for the entrepreneur/scientist. Does it affect the competitiveness and innovation of the economy? Or does it bring other benefits? What threats does it generate?

An industry conference consisting of debate and individual presentations by representatives of the intellectual property protection community at different levels: regional, national and international.


Participants will include:


Joanna Kupka, Deputy Director, Innovation and Communication Department, Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
Dr. Konrad Ptasinski, Patent Attorney, JWP Patent Attorneys Dorota Rzążewska Sp. k.
How to use the potential of industrial property in building a company's market advantage?
Tomasz Stypułowski, CEO, Institute of Innovation and Technology, Bialystok University of Technology Sp. z o.o
Non-standard opportunities for cooperation with science - why shouldn't you be afraid of it?
Marek Oleksyn, Legal Counsel, Soltysinski Kawecki & Szlęzak Law Firm
IP rights to innovation and technology in relations with creative personnel


Competencies of the Future. Education – business – labor market

Nowadays, characterized by dynamic changes, innovations and rapid pace of development, the challenges facing education are also becoming multidimensional. What competencies guarantee professional success? How to educate future innovators? Competencies of the future...that is? This question and many others, which will give us insight into the canons of education of the future, will be answered by the guests invited to the debate.


Participants will include:


Dr. Agnieszka Ludwików, Prof. UAM, Director, Doctoral School of Natural Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Justyna Kralisz, Director, Center for the Development of Polish Education Abroad
Dr. Lukasz Arendt, Prof. UŁ, Expert on the impact of new technologies on the labor market, Team Europe
Dr. Jacek Stando, professor of the university, Technical University of Lodz
Digitization of the teaching-learning process using artificial intelligence

Dr. Bartosz Sobotka, Development Director, Syntea S.A, Sector Competence Council for Modern Business Services
Prof. Dr. Jan Kazmierczak, Dean of the Faculty of Organization and Management, Silesian University of Technology




Rafał Kunaszyk, Vice President, Eurokreator T&C Sp. z o. o.

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Local government of the future – Invest Area

Representatives of local self-governments will present their vision of managing an innovative city, as well as their experience in undertaking innovative activities and infrastructural projects that affect the living comfort of local communities. Topics of discussion among city managers will also be devoted to the presentation of investment areas and effective cooperation between local governments and business.

Presentation of innovative research and social projects and attractive investment areas. Speeches by representatives of the business community and local governments, among others, in the context of innovative infrastructure investments or unconventional R&D activities.


Participants will include:


Maciej Mysona, Director of Business Development - Urban Market, Zespół Doradców Gospodarczych TOR Sp. z o.o.
Grzegorz Kubalski, Deputy Director of the Office, Union of Polish Counties
Dr. Marcin Korytkowski, Coordinator, Local Competence Center in Moszczenica
Activities of the municipality and LCK in Moszczenica in the area of digitization of public institutions and entities of the SME sector in Poland




Magdalena Gryn, economic journalist, Forbes monthly magazine


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A woman of science who is changing the world

An inspiring debate led by women for women and beyond. Among other things, we will talk about the fact that women not only can, but should engage in research activities and develop their potential in the scientific field. Despite the social changes taking place and the growing role of women in the scientific community, still the percentage of female scientists remains low. Why is this the case? Experts invited to the discussion will try to answer this question.


Participants will include:


Prof. Dr. Lidia Dzierzbicka-Glowacka, Head, Laboratory of Ecohydrodynamic Processes Modeling, Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Digital information system on the marine environment - targeted data fishing
Dr. Eng. Margaret Karbarz, College of Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszow
DNA barcoding
Dr. Katharina Boguslawski, Prof. UMK, Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
Computer modeling of organic electronics: challenges AND perspectives
Dr Aleksandra Ziemiańska-Stolarska, Department of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection, Lodz University of Technology
HECATE-a flight towards climate neutrality
Ksenia Siadkowska, Scientist, freelancer, Lublin University of Technology
How are spinning technologies created?
Halina Jurkowska, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Jagiellonian University Medical College
Modulation of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism of L-cysteine - significance in medicine


Digital transformation and intelligent automation using analytics and artificial intelligence

Issues raised during the industry conference will oscillate around the topic of digital transformation,
the advantages of its implementation in the Polish economy and the risks associated with cyber security, among others. Modern technologies in the field of IT, advanced information systems, including the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing or algorithms that allow advanced analysis or prediction. What does a digital, Polish enterprise look like? What is intelligent automation? This question will be answered by experts participating in the industry conference.


Participants will include:


Lukasz Grala, Futurologist, Mentor, CEO, TIDK Sp. z o.o
Sensitivity - hyperpersonalization based on artificial intelligence using cognitive psychology mechanisms and customer behavioral data
Dr. Habil. Regina Lenart-Gansiniec, Prof. UJ, Jagiellonian University in Krakow
Slawomir Lasota, Senior Innovation & Project Manager, DSR Sp. z o.o.
Project DPS-EA (Dynamic Production Scheduling based on Evolutionary Algorithm) - digital transformation of production scheduling using artificial intelligence - an answer to difficult times
Jacek Rydzewski, CEO, CODI Technical Group
New system with voice control and contactless door opening via smartphone
Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO, Meritus Systemy Informatyczne Sp. z o.o




Mariusz Kulma, Editor-in-Chief, Astronomy Magazine


Investment arena

An industry conference dedicated to investment in the broadest sense. The overarching goal of the conference is to discuss a number of issues that arise during the investment process. Presentation of investment funds and landmark infrastructure investments in Poland.


Participants will include:


Dr. Damian Andrzejewski, CEO, Platinum Alfa Sp. z o.o.
Representative, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group
Paweł Gąsior, Investment Director, Vinci S.A.
Possibilities of financing the foreign expansion of Polish companies by the Da Gama fund
Dr. Jacek Giedrojć, founder, Warsaw Equity Group


Power Speech: OrthoNail intramedullary implant for active limb lengthening

OrthoNail is Orthoget's patented intramedullary nail with a unique hybrid magneto-mechanical mechanism that allows precise lengthening of long bones. It provides an innovative solution for orthopedics, allowing for comprehensive therapy of asymmetry and inadequate lower limb length, along with continuous access to bone growth monitoring.


Participants will include:


Daniel Kozyra, M.D., Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System, Specialist in Medical Rehabilitation


Power Speech: Revolutionizing the warehouse industry with artificial intelligence and low code technology

The revolution in the warehousing industry using artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code technology is one of the latest trends that brings many benefits to warehousing and logistics companies. By using AI and low-code, companies can increase their efficiency, optimize processes and reduce costs. On the other hand, low-code technology enables companies to build applications and business processes without having to write code from scratch. As a result, companies can deploy new solutions faster, adapt to changing market needs and reduce costs.

The combination of these two technologies allows companies to adapt faster to changing market needs, increase efficiency and reduce costs, resulting in improved customer service and consequently increased competitiveness in the market.


Participants will include:


Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO, Meritus Information Systems


Power Speech: Innovative production systems in the mining and recycling industry

Nowadays, the mining industry is not exceptionally popular, mainly because of its negative impact on the environment. However, when we reach for modern materials or finished products, we often don't think about where and how they came from, and it is mineral products that are largely required for their production. Comex specializes in manufacturing modern equipment and developing technologies for use in recycling and in the mining industry, largely changing the negative impact of mining activities on the environment and greatly improving the overall economic calculus of many industrial processes.


Participants will include:


Dr. Jacek Kołacz, President, Comex Polska Sp. z o.o.


European strategy for science and innovation

Investments in research and innovation are investments in Europe's future. An industry conference dedicated to the projects of the future, which are funded by key European programs, among others: Horizon 2022 and Horizon Europe. A discussion about Polish scientists and innovators who are successfully working with international consortia to advance Polish science and innovation. How is the "valley of innovation" created? How often do Polish scientists reach for European funds and implement groundbreaking international research? These questions will be answered by the invited execs. The industry conference will also present examples of innovative solutions and projects of the future during 10-minute lectures by our partners.


Participants will include:


Prof. Artur Blazejewski, PhD, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, University of Wroclaw
Development of cooperation between science and economy at the University of Wroclaw
Aleksandra Kuzior, Ph.D., dhc., Prof. PŚ, Associate Dean for Cooperation and Development, Faculty of Organization and Management, Silesian University of Technology, President, Silesian Center for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development


Accessibility and social inclusion

Inclusion and social integration is one of the priorities of cohesion policy in the period 2021-2027. A Europe with a stronger social dimension is one of the goals of cohesion policy. Among other things, our experts will discuss the reduction of poverty and social exclusion, greater accessibility of social services, and socioeconomic inclusion. Presentation of projects dedicated to people with disabilities, from new instruments for social inclusion of people with disabilities in Poland to technological innovations and adaptation of public space, architecture, transportation and products to the requirements of all citizens.


Participants will include:


Jerzy Szymańczyk, President, Union of Polish Spas Association
Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, Secretary of State, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy
Prof. Jerzy Kwaśniewski, D.Sc., AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow
Innovative solutions influencing the health of society and improving the ergonomics of medical staff work
Dr. Marek Miłosz, Prof. PL, Department of Computer Science, Lublin University of Technology
Supporting the education of patients with type I diabetes - mobile application T1DCoach
Dr. Szczepan Piszczatowski, Prof. PB, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Bialystok University of Technology
Mechatronic support for elderly people with balance disorders




Rafal Kunaszyk, Vice President, Eurokreator T&C Sp. z o. o.


Artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies – application dimensions, benefits and risks

Cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, high-performance computing, cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0 are terms commonly present in the business vocabulary. Smart robots have entered many industries: automotive, IT, energy, modern business services, into the hospitality industry, the food industry or medicine. They influence production procedures and their efficiency, the quality of products and services, optimizing productivity and reducing costs. They are also present in the daily lives of individual users. The opportunities and possibilities associated with their development are enormous. And what risks do they generate? Manipulation of Of information and data? Surveillance? Perpetuation of stereotypes?


Participants will include:


Dr Robert Ulewicz, Prof. of MSc, Head, Department of Production Engineering and Safety, Faculty of Management, Czestochowa University of Technology, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Production Engineering Archives
Dr Rafał Batkowski, CEPOL and EU project expert, Owner of RBS (Rafał Batkowski Strategies) consulting company, Honorary President of the Association of Security Experts of the Republic of Poland. Director of Public Security at the Institute for Security and International Development
Dr Joanna Kulczycka, Prof. of AGH, Associate Dean for Cooperation and Development, Faculty of Management, AGH, Head, Department of Closed Circuit Economy, Institute of Mineral and Energy Economy, Polish Academy of Sciences
Dr Przemysław Jura, President, Institute of Economic and Social Sciences, Vice President, Polish Chamber of Ecology
Prof. Dr Wojciech Kossek, University of Denver, USA




Aleksandra Kuzior, Ph.D., dhc., Prof. PŚ, Associate Dean for Cooperation and Development, Faculty of Organization and Management, Silesian University of Technology, President, Silesian Center for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development

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Power Speech: The Future of E-commerce Fashion & Beauty and Personal Branding with Self-Publishing

Kamila Gębik will talk about numbers, trends and predictions related to the future of e-commerce, as well as what to use to stand out from the competition when running an e-business. We will talk about artificial intelligence, augmented reality and what our shopping experience might look like in 2040. The speaker will also share tips related to building a personal brand while publishing two publications as a self-publisher.


Participating will be:


Kamila Gębik, CEO,, CCO,


The power of women in business

A conference dedicated to extremely inspiring, strong and independent women from the world of business and science. We are committed to showing the synergy between women from various sectors of the Polish economy. The conference will be attended by women associated with mentoring in business, media personalities, representatives of institutions working for the development of Women. This debate is expected to be vibrant. To give new meaning to women's activities, but this does not mean that we are making a division, on the contrary. We want to show a holistic approach to running a business or implementing a particular project, thereby not closing ourselves off from the organization alone, but putting the focus on the individual and his development.


Participants will include:


Joanna Rulkowska, Editor-in-Chief, Mom's Law Portal
Justyna Połeć, Justdeliciousx Justyna Połeć
Magdalena Porada, Madlen Magdalena Porada
Anna Cieciórska, Anielskie Ciastka Anna Cieciórska
Joanna Lozinska, Teacher of modern spirituality and the law of attraction


Innovation in the aerospace industry

The industry conference will focus on topics including: new technologies in civil aviation, propulsion and aviation fuels of the near future, energy security of civil aviation infrastructure, commercialization of space. The Polish aviation industry is doing well and has a strong position in the European market. Mainly thanks to the aviation valley and the growing role of research institutes, Poland is submitting more and more patents and innovative solutions in aviation, which are responsible for the real transformation of the sector. Speeches by experts, designers, aviation enthusiasts, representatives of research institutes and government agencies.


Participants will include:


Dr. Michal Jasiczek, Materials Engineering Specialist, GE Aerospace Poland
Michal Chomka, Manager, Engineering Materials Systems Division, GE Aerospace Poland
Innovative lightweight materials the future of aviation in the quest for climate neutrality


Intelligent Development Forum Awards Gala

This moment always arouses the greatest excitement among guests who are at the next editions of the FIR. 8. On October 20, 2023, we will once again present statuettes and certificates of the "Polish Intelligent Development Award", the "Scientist of the Future" Award, as well as honor the Laureates of the "Brand of the Future" - a distinction dedicated to products and services that are clearly associated with development.



Speech by Marcin Prokop entitled:


"Differentiate yourself or you will disappear, or how to build your uniqueness, both in the context of branding and personal brand."


Stand out or disappear, or how to build your uniqueness, both in the context of branding and personal branding. In a reality heavily based on social media and remote communication, each of us - willingly or unwillingly - becomes a public figure. Thus arises the need to consciously and effectively manage our own image, reputation, and the values with which we want to be associated. Using his experience gained during 20 years in media and showbusiness, Marcin will share tips and tools on how to translate them into practice for people working in various industries, in relations with other people.


Participants will include:


Marcin Prokop, Journalist



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